Danube Summer School 2016 Application Form

Please fill out this form to apply to the Danube Summer School 2016, that will take place between the 25th and the 30th of September 2016. If you have any problem with the form, please write us: info@danubesummerschool.eu or get in contact through the contact form

Application Deadline: July 31th, 2016

Application Requirements

  • Strong interest in the Danube Region’s politics, economy, culture and history.
  • Older than 20 years
  • Postgraduate student, student in the last years of the undergraduate studies or recent graduate
  • Fluency in English

The DSS2016 program as well as accommodation and catering will be covered by the European Danube Academy and is therefore free of charge for the participants. Travel costs, however, cannot be reimbursed.

Applicant’s personal details

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Your name*
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Why do you want to participate at the Danube Summer School (max words 400)*

Your Interest:

In order to make the program of the Danube Summer School 2016 most appreciated, we would like to find out more about your preferences and interests. Please rank the following areas of interest according to your personal preferences
(left: no interest, right: most interested)
EU- Affairs and Politics in the Danube Region
Danube Region’s Population and Economy
Business Challenges and Opportunities in the Danube Region
Danube Region Culture and History
The EU Danube Strategy

Knowledge of English language

Please assess your English language proficiency, (left: none, right: excellent)

Contact in Case of Emergency

Please provide the contact information of someone close to you, we should contact in case of emergency
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How did you find out about the Danube Summer School

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Your CV

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Declaration of consent:

I hereby declare that the above statements are correct and complete and that I am capable of participating at the Danube Summer School 2016.

The European Danube Academy has my permission to process, evaluate and store my personal information. Upon my acceptance to the program, my personal data-excluding the mailing address, may be published by the European Danube Academy.

Yes, I accept those terms:

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